Soulheals.us combines my love of God and man (generic man – meaning men, women & children) by celebrating their unity.   I have born witness to this unity while working as an educator of young children, teaching English as a Second/Foreign language, serving in the blooming and green plant nursery business, ministering as a Christian Science nurse, and sharing my photographic art.  

The biggest influence in forming my understanding of God and man  has been the Holy Bible.  The spiritual sense of the Bible has been opened to me through the book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy.

A strong impetus for my spiritual development since childhood can be symbolized by this line of the main character in the movie ‘Limelight’ :

“I must have Truth”

After many years of searching for Truth, through prayer I’ve become aware that I have always had divineTruth, along with divine Love and Life.  Truth, Life and Love – three  synonyms for God – is the divine Trinity that I reflect, as I let God direct my daily actions.*  This direction brings out the goodness of life – I find  many expressions of Truth, Love and Life in daily experience.  For example, a friend’s unwavering honestly; the kindness of a fellow shopper holding open a door; finding myself skipping while out on a walk – just for the joy of Life!

I hope you enjoy  Soulheals.us,  

Jobie Townshend-Zellner

*   “The One Soul Guides” audio-video blog, explores this theme. For a more in depth search on divine Truth, Life and Love, visit:     http://www.jsh.christianscience.com