Spirit-sculpted vs. molded identity

Are we fitting ourselves into a material mold, or continually letting our identity be shaped by Spirit or divine Love?

Being shaped moment by moment by divine Love allows us to be a blessing, and to receive blessings. (More about this later.)

Fitting our sense of identity into a material mold is really limiting for one, and it also causes us to break the second commandment – “You must not have any other god but me” (Exodus 20:3, New Living translation).
By conforming ourselves to that which is less than what the Holy Spirit directs –  having a merely material standard – we are making another god besides the one Spirit.  Staying with the One God, which is divine good, we see blessings for all.

In the last couple days I experienced such blessings. Yesterday I offered to hold the door open for a person walking behind me up to the Post Office entrance.  He was not ready to enter, but thanked me so strongly – as if my simple offer had made his day.  Not letting myself be molded by that other god called time, I was free to be neighborly.

The day before yesterday, I went to an auto mechanic shop, to have them install the new battery I’d bought for my car.  (This was my second visit there. They had given me some free help on my first visit, so now I wanted to give them some business.). Very soon a couple of workers were busy putting the battery in my car. They were working so quickly, I wondered if I’d be allowed to pay this time.  The next moment my eyes fell on an office window poster.  It showed that this shop was participating in the Napa Auto Parts program to donate part of its sales to support fallen military heroes. In just a few minutes, my car was ready, and, as I had guessed, the man in charge at Morena Automotive, in San Diego CA, said it was no charge for me – again!  However, he did honor my request to accept my small cash donation for their Fallen Heroes fund.

In retrospect, it feels like my thoughts were being divinely directed away from concern about paying what I felt I owed, to a higher consideration – simply showing appreciation, with grace, for valued service.  I was grateful that divine Love inspired me by that Fallen Heroes poster to know how I could express my appreciation for the mechanic’s kindnesses.

Christ Jesus said how to know who follows him – that they have love one to another (John 13:35). This brotherly and sisterly love has a direct effect on the type of economy we experience daily.  As I open my thought to God, I see His hand always operating through the economy of kindness, and providing the perfect currency to use in all situations!  Having infinite currency types – from wisdom to wallets – makes for a very dynamic divine and human economy!

The only currency not included in God’s economy is evil – one of those other gods. Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook* on Christian Science puts it this way:

“… mortals are hastening to learn that Life is God, good, and that evil has in reality neither place nor power in the human or the divine economy.”
p. 327, line 18
* Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

The One Soul Guides (video with music)

This video encourages considering these words of Christ Jesus, regarding entering “into the kingdom of God” :

“With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” – Mark 10: 27